UK Preserved Floristry Supplies

At Verdi, we supply Preserved Flowers and Foliages for you to create your own displays wheather it be table tops, large free standing display for your Customer or your Home.  With this in mind we are continiously adding items to our keep an eye on this page!!!

Preserved flowers & foliage are real, they have been treated with a unique combination of natural ingredients including glycerine.  This replaces the plants natural sap & helps them maintain their fresh natural touch. They need NO water & will stay looking fresh for many months or years so they are a great alternative to artificial flowers/silk flowers.

Our range includes Rose Heads, Stemmed Roses, Palm Leaves, Ferns, Bun Moss, Gardenia Heads, Lambs Ear, Ming Fern, Baby Blue, Hedera Abora, Hedera Helix and so much more.........

All of the prices showing include VAT, if you require a Trade account please register for a login and an email will be sent confirming authorisation.

Verdi are the UK distributors for Verdissimo, the leader in Preserved Flowers & Foliage.

Scrolling images above include Preserved: - Bun Moss, Cymbidium Orchid Head, Amorosa Roses, Rose Petal Confetti, Blue Bordeaux Hydrangea Head, Phoenix Palm Leaf & Electric Blue Rose Head.