Red Flowers

All of our Red Flowers are Preserved, each one has been Grown, Harvested when at its blooming peak and Preserved with Natural Ingredients which includes Dye.  All Preserved products are dyed.

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    Real Gardenia heads preserved to maintain their beauty indefinitely. Our burgundy Gardenia flower heads have a bold solid colour which really stands out. They have an open appearance and quite a flat head and can be wired just like a fresh flower. Head diameter: 9cm 3 heads per Box

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    Preserved Burgundy Rose Heads are one of the most classic rich colours that is produced, it is only available in 2 sizes. Each Rose Head is unique in shape, size and colour as they are natural items.  They are preserved using 100% natural ingredients, glycerine and dye. No watering required!  To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to...

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    The latest addition to our range of beautiful preserved roses. This is the largest rose we have produced at 10cm in diameter. Currently only available in red, it needs no light or water and will last for many months if not years, just like all our preserved products. Keep out of direct sunlight and areas of high humidity. One 10cm head per box. Please see...

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    Red Amorosa Roses are a great alternative to Tall Artificial Flowers, they are 50cm tall and have a long foliated stem. The Rose Heads have a diam of Approx 4.5-5.5cm diam across the face and are individually wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve. Supplied in a case of 30 stems Each Case weighs 3kg

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    Our Classic Preserved Long Stem Amorosa Red Roses are a great alternative to artificial or live as they last for months if not years.  They are individually cased in a clear tube for safe transportation.   Supplied in a case of 20 stems (case can not be split).   Overall Height is 50cm Head Approx 4.5-5.5cm diam

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    These Preserved Red Rose Heads are in the Vintage Garden Rose Style, they have multiple tightly formed petals that still remain soft to touch due to the preservation process.  These rose heads are all dyed. They can last for months or years dependent on environment. Head Diam: 5-6cm Head Depth: 3.5-5cm Stem: 1-2cm 6 Heads Per Box

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    Preserved Flowers come in all shapes and sizes including this Red Preserved Hydrangea Head. They can be kept as a complete head or cut the florets down to create smaller sections.  These are natural items so there is no control over shapes, sizes or colours (dyed). Head sizes approx. 15-12cm diam.   Stems are approx 5-15cm   Price Per Head

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    The Red Preserved Mini Amorosa Rose is supplied in an acetate tube which helps it being sent out in the post as a gift.  Each Stem is unique in its shape, size and appearance as they are natural items that have been grown. Approx height to top of flower: 25.5cm Approx diam of head: 3.5-4.5cm Qty per case:25 Not sold individually

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    Preserved Red Rose Heads are available in several different sizes and current stock levels are shown here. These heads should be treated just like a fresh rose, yet need no light or water to continue looking fresh for many months or years. To use, push a Florists Wire into the stem stub, secure with floristry tape or hot glue. Select the Size required See...

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