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  • Champagne Hydrangea
    Champagne Hydrangea

    This preserved hydrangea is a lovely off white, champagne colour....

  • Echinops

    Also known as a Globe Thistle, the Echinops is a preserved single stem...


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    These Preserved Flowers are Natural Hydrangea Heads that have been dyed the Peach tones and Preserved with Natural Ingredients and Glycerine.  This means that they remain soft to touch. Preserved Flowers will not wilt or die. The head sizes are between 15-12cm diam when put together.   Stems are approx 2-5cm long. The head is supplied in sections. Price...

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    The Peach/Salmon coloured Hydrangea head will catch the eye of your audience as its colour is stunning.  As this is a natural item which has been harvested the hydranhea heads all differ in shape and size from 15 to 12cm, so there is no uniformity.     

    £9.98 £10.50 -5%
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    These Preserved Rose Heads in a Strong Peach shade mix well with spring, summer and autumn colours as you can enhance the colour with champagne or mix with Cherry and Green Tea for classic summer colours.  As they are natural products each rose head is unique in its shape, size and colour.  To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items