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Preserved Red Rose Heads are available in several different sizes and current stock levels are shown here. These heads should be treated just like a fresh rose, yet need no light or water to continue looking fresh for many months or years.

To use, push a Florists Wire into the stem stub, secure with floristry tape or hot glue.

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See also the red  King rose, 10cm diameter

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  • Supers 6.5-7.5cm (Set of 4 Heads)
  • Minis 2.5-3.5cm (12 heads)
  • Princess 1.5-2cm (16 heads)

The Super Rose Heads are supplied as a box of 4 heads, the head diam is approx 6.5-7.5cm and has a short stem of approx 1cm.

The Queen Rose Heads are in between the Super and the Standard heads at 5-6.5cm in diam.  The stem is approx 1-1.5cm in length.

The Standard Rose Heads are roughly 4.5 -5cm diameter with a stem length of approx 1 cm.

The Mini Rose Heads are ideal for filling in, they have a face diam of approx 2.5-3.5cm with a short stem of approx 1cm in length.

To get the best results the flowers are selected at their peak of their natural blooming state therefore many of the items are only harvested at certain times of the year.

Our Preserved Roses do not require any water and only require a light dusting on occasion this means that our items are for interior use only. To get the most out of your preserved flowers we advise these items are not placed in direct sunlight or area's of high humidity or cold (ideal temperatures 5 - 20 degrees C), this will prevent premature fading. 



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