Preserved Leaves

Our preserved leaves add a graceful touch to flower arrangements and green walls. All of the products have been grown, harvested and preserved using a 100% natural process so the leaves remain soft to touch as if they have just been picked. 

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    Preserved Aralia Leaves are so realistic, they were a living leaf that has been grown, harvested and preserved using natural ingredients so they still feel soft to touch just like they were still alive.  They are a great finishing touch to any display or wedding bouquet as they can create a good collar.   Approx.  15/20cm 10 leaves per pack

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    Preserved Cinerea leaves, also known as Senecio Cineraria, are grey/green in colour with a soft tactile texture and a distinctive shape. Preserved using a completely natural process, they now need no water or light to survive. Approx 9cm -10cm tall 10 Stems per pack Stem approx 2cm 

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    Preserved Hedera Ivy Leaves are the most realistic Artificial Ivy Leaves.  They are easily added to the base of artificial wedding flowers and bouquets or used to create interior preserved wall art and topiary. Bunch of 10 leaves 14-16cm at their widest point, with a height of 19-21 cm tall including the stem (stems are approx 9-10cm in length)

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    Monstera, commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, have large, dark green leaves. They are a new addition to our range, preserved using our completely natural process.  Size: 26cm d x 40cm h, including the stem. Sold in bunches of 3-4 leaves.

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    This pack of Preserved Rose Leaves are all assorted sizes. They have been removed from the stems of the roses and Preserved using natural ingredients and coloured at the same time with a burgundy dye. Pack of 200 Assorted Leaves (pack can not be split)

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