Saffron Yellow Rose Heads

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The Preserved Saffron Yellow Rose Heads are a softer golden tones to the bright daffodil yellow. Each Preserved rose head is unique in its shape, size and colouring as they are natural products that are preserved using 100% natural ingredients, glycerine and dye. They remain soft to touch.

To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to secure

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  • Queens 5-6.5cm (Set of 6 Heads)
  • Standards 4.5-5.5cm (Set of 6 Heads)
  • Standards Bulk 4.5-5.5cm (182 Heads)
  • Minis 2.5-3.5cm (12 heads)

The Super Rose Heads are supplied as a box of 4 heads, they have a head diam of approx 6.5-7.5cm across and have a short stem of approx 1cm long for you to wire or hot glue into place.

The Queen Rose Heads are in limted supply, their size is between the Super and the Standard heads which would be approx 5-6.5cm in diam.  The stem is approx 1-1.5cm in length which is ideal for wiring or hot glue to secure them into place.

The Standard Rose Heads are Columbian which are on the smaller size.  The approx diam is 4.3-5cm accross with a stem length of approx 1 cm.

Each rose head has its own individual beauty as it was a living item that has been cut at its peak so each rose head has its own identity, shape and size.  The beauty of the preserved flowers is that they are cut then treated with a glycerine and dye mixture which is taken into the plant through osmosis, using this process allows the roses to keep their petals soft to touch....just as they were.

To keep the flowers looking at their best we advise that they should be lightly dusted on occasion, not placed in direct sunlight which will prevent premature fading and avoid area's of high humidity or extreme cold.  As long as these general guides are followed your preserved roses should last for many months if not years.

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