What are preserved flowers & foliages?

They are live flowers, grasses, leaves or tree foliage (conifer, eucalyptus etc) that have been sustainably grown and harvested specifically for preserving. They are for interior use only and are a completely natural alternative to using replica plants.

Preserved flowers and foliage aren’t freeze dried, they undergo a special preservation treatment that maintains all of the cell structure which helps to keep the items feeling soft and natural and with the appearance of being freshly cut. To get the best results the flowers or foliages are selected when they are at their peak of natural beauty. Verdissimo have developed their own process of preserving so that the products keep their ‘fresh cut’ state using 100% plant based glycerine and dyes which replace the plants’ natural sap. As the products are natural they may vary a little in size, shape and colour.

How are the flowers & foliages preserved?

  1. The flowers and plant varieties are chosen and grown specifically to be preserved.
  2. The flowers and plants are harvested when they are in full bloom to ensure their full beauty is captured. Once harvested, they are handled with extreme care to avoid damage that would affect the quality of the product.
  3. Once the items have been selected they are put in containers in a stabilising chamber. This chamber has the ideal humidity, light, and temperature conditions that the plants need to be prepared for preservation.
  4. The plants are placed in containers that hold a specially prepared solution made from 100% plant based glycerine, water, stabilisers, and dyes.
  5. The preservation process is carried out in stages, gradually increasing the concentration of the preservative components. During this process, the preservation solution replaces the sap through osmosis until the plant has the correct moisture content, which ensures the microbiological, physical, and stability of the plant.
  6. On completion of preserving the products are washed and dried over several days at a controlled temperature.
  7. The products then go through a selection process then quality control check, during which any damaged leaves or petals are removed.

The difference between fresh cut flowers and preserved

Thanks to the preservation process these products last for months if not years, allowing you to make long-lasting displays which require no light or water – just a little regular dusting!

Care details

In general preserved plants and flowers are very easy to care for and with very little attention they should give you many months or years of pleasure, however they hold no guarantees. For best results we suggest you follow these guidelines:

All preserved plants and flowers are for indoor use only and should be stored and used in temperatures between a steady temp 15 deg and 25 deg C. Conifers will tolerate exterior use during the summer months but will need to be taken indoors during the winter.

Avoid areas of very high humidity for prolonged periods. The preserved products will tolerate up to 80% humidity but frequent changes in relative humidity should be avoided. Do not clean preserved flowers with water or liquid cleaning products. Regular light dusting is the best method of cleaning. Palm leaves can be wiped with a damp cloth and conifers can be washed with water. The natural oils and dyes in preserved flowers and foliages may causes staining if in contact with surfaces.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the petals or foliage.

Avoid watering or placing the preserved flowers or foliage in water.

Remove rose heads from the plastic container by pushing the stem upwards – pulling the head may result in damage.