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    These Preserved Rose Heads in Lilac are a great colour as they add to the shabby chic colours and also add contrast to the autumnal colours.  They are available in several sizes.  As these are natural products they are all different shapes and sizes and have accepted the dyes differently.  To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to secure....

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    These Preserved Roses are Purple, a much deeper stronger colour than the lilac tones. They are not fake, they were alive, they have kept their soft touch due to the natural ingredients, glycerine used to preserve them with dye added for colouring. To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to secure. Select the Size required (Super Purple not...

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    Preserved Parchemin Ferns are a great product to add to Artificial and Preserved Flower Arrangements and Interior Green Walls as they add texture and depth. Approx height of 20/30cm 10 stems per bunch

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    Preserved Green Hedera Arborea Ivy(with fruits) is realistic alternative to Artificial Ivy.  It can be used on Interior Artificial Green Walls, with Artificial Flower Arrangaments and Interior Topiary. It is supplied in bunches.  Please note that this item is available in limited supply due to the time of year that the berries are available. The length of...

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    Preserved Flowers are grown, harvested and preserved with Glycerine and natural ingredients then dyed.  The Rose colour is a much stronger colour than any pastel tones, but offers a good contrast. They look great as large domed displays. Head sizes are approx. 15-12cm diam Stems are approx 5-15cm long Price Per Head

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    Hot Pink coloured flowers and rose heads are hard to come by if you are looking for quality.  These Preserved Rose Heads are beautiful and striking, each flower head is unique as they are all natural products that have been grown, harvested and preserved with natural ingredients, glycerine and dye. To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to...

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    Preserved Red Salal foliage is on dark woody stems, they can be cut down to reduce the height.  The leaves are almost leathery looking and all vary in sizes as these are natural items. They look great in Autumnal and Christmas Displays. Approx 20/50cm tall Supplied in bunches

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    This preserved Bear Grass (aka Xerophyllum Tenax)is ideal for adding into displays or just using on its own.  It is a flexible grass that can be bent, plaited, twisted and intertwined into preserved and artificial flower displays. Supplied in Bunches (approx. 100gr) Approx 50/60cm Tall

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    Preserved Beech Leaves (Fagus) are supplied on their woody branches which can be left as they are or cut down to the size required. They are great for adding to displays, building artificial trees or adding to preserved green walls. Approx 50/80cm long Supplied in a Bunch

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    These Preserved Flowers are Hydrangea Heads that have been dyed in this two tone Cream Pink colour. As they have been Preserved, each flower remains soft to touch as the ingredients are natural which includes glycerine.  Head sizes are approx. 15-12cm diam    Stems are approx 5-15cm long  Priced Per Head

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    Tiki Fern is light and feathery in appearance and deep dark green in colour.  The Fern sits well in Artificial Flower Arrangements and Bouquets and can easily be applied to artificial green walls to add another texture.  Supplied in bunches Approx 40/50cm in height

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    Our range of Preserved Flowers include these Byzance coloured Hydrangea Heads. These Large Artificial Flowers are preserved so won't wilt or die and remain soft to touch. They are grown, harvested and preserved using natural ingredients, dye and glycerine. The Byzance colour is almost a warm purple with a pink hue. Head are approx. 15-12cm diam Stems...

Showing 25 - 36 of 183 items