How can I incorporate the flowers heads into an arrangement?

The flower heads tend to have quite short stems, 2cm or so. You can wire the heads, just like you would a fresh rose, so that you then have something to push into foam. We also sell a plastic flower head spike, which has a small cup at one end. You can hot glue the head on to this and then push the spike into the arrangement, it’s 20cm long.

What is your returns policy?

If for some reason the products you have ordered are not suitable, then please return them (undamaged) for a full refund less carriage.

Are preserved products completely natural?

Yes. The products used to preserve the flowers and foliages are all natural, although the process is quite technical and highly skilled. There are no harmful chemicals used, it’s just vegetable based glycerine, natural food dyes and minerals.

Are preserved products sustainably sourced?

Yes, all the foliages and mosses are basically farmed for the sole purpose of being preserved. The flowers are grown specifically for this purpose as well, providing well paid employment in parts of Colombia and Ecuador where jobs are sometimes scarce. Verdissimo are the world’s largest producers of preserved products.

Are preserved flowers more environmentally friendly than fresh?

Yes, we believe so. Fresh flowers might last for a week, possibly two. Preserved products last indefinitely, I have stemmed roses in my home which are 4 years old and still look as beautiful now as they did when new. They just need a little dusting every now and then. Fresh flowers are often air freighted from far away which must have a huge impact on CO2 emissions. Many of our foliages are sustainably sourced and preserved in Europe. Most of the roses come from Colombia or Ecuador, but they are shipped in the most efficient way possible in large quantities by sea.

How do I look after preserved products?

One of the great advantages with preserved flowers and foliages is that they need very little maintenance and they will last for many months or years. No need for water or daylight, just a little light dusting every now and then is all that’s needed. The stronger colours can fade if placed in direct sunlight, like many things. Our foliages in particular should be kept out of areas of high humidity or where they may be subject to sudden changes in temperature as this can sometimes cause the preservation fluid (which is completely harmless) to leech out as droplets on the surface.

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order. You can buy one box of flower heads or one bunch of foliage. The stemmed roses are sold in boxes containing 12 up to 25 stems of the same colour, depending on the size. There is a delivery charge for orders under a certain amount.