Preserved Carmen Rose


  1. Choose your colour of Super Rose Heads – you will need 2 boxes (8 heads)
  2. Keep one head complete and put to one side, carefully remove the petals from the remaining 7 Super Rose Heads
  3. You will need to create the holder, 1 round piece of heavy duty card, 1 round piece of fabric to cover the card – this will help you get your shape, 1 bouquet oasis holder, a hot glue gun and florists wire.
  4. Cover the card with the fabric and glue into place.
  5. Attach the fabric covered to the Bouquet holder as seen in image 2
  6. Hot glue and wire the Super rose head to the centre of your disc and bouquet holder.
  7. Now start applying the rose petals layering one by one using the hot glue to secure it into place at the base of the rose.