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Preserved Flat Moss is 100% Natural, it's a flat sheet of moss in various shapes and sizes.  Use on Interior Moss Walls, base to flower displays, top dressing displays or to use for scenery, set displays.  

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0.5kg bags covers approx half a sq m

2.5kg bulk box covers approx 2sq m

Coverage is approx, this product is measured on weight not on coverage.  

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All preserved products are for Interior Use Only.

Our preserved green flat moss is available in either 0.5kg bags (approx half a sq m) or a 2.5kg bulk box (approx 2 sq metres) for you to keep in stock or for those big jobs. Please note that coverage is approx as this product is measured on weight not on coverage.

The moss can be glued or pinned into place so that it is secure, if using as a top dressing for a live plant display it must be removed before watering and replaced afterwards.  If using as an Artificial Green Wall we advise not to place the Preserved Moss in direct sunlight, this is because it will fade over time (not UV stable).

This moss requires no water as its cell structure has been replaced with glycerine and dyes.  If the moss does become wet/damp it may leech or bleed colouring which may stain.  Due to the ingredients used to preserve the moss it remains still soft to it still feels alive!



Product Spec

Product and Process Specification for Preserved Moss and Grass

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