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Preserved Bun Moss or Pole Moss (species Bryophita)  is natural, plastic free and sustainably sourced. Bun Moss has a raised appearance compared to Flat Sheet Moss or Reindeer Moss.  Each piece varies in size, depth and shape. Bun Moss is widely used to create moss walls or moss art.

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  • Bulk (1.6kg)

All preserved products are for Interior Use Only

Each window box holds approx 170 grams of moss (coverage approx. 40cm x 20cm).

Typically 1 bulk box (1.6kg) covers approx. 0.75 sq metre.  

Please note that coverage given is a guide only as this product is sold by weight.

If you are using Preserved Bun Moss for Green Walls we do advise that placing the Green Wall in direct sunlight is not advisable as the product will fade over time as none of the products are UV resistant.

The Bun Moss is grown sustainably, harvested and preserved by Verdissimo using a unique process that includes natural dyes and glycerine so that the item maintains its soft appearance.  As this is a preserved item it does not require water, only occasional dusting with a feather duster to keep it clean.

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Product and Process Specification for Preserved Moss and Grass

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