Bun Moss Light Green

£22.04£234.00 inc. VAT

Preserved Bun Moss or Pole Moss is natural, plastic free and sustainably sourced. Each piece varies in size, depth and shape. Bun Moss is widely used to create moss walls or moss art.

One window box covers around 30cm x 20cm.

One 2.5kg bulk box covers 0.8 – 1.0 square metre.

10 + bulk boxes = 10% discount

30 + bulk boxes = 20% discount



The only maintenance required is a little light dusting every now and then. Please avoid areas of high humidity. The moss may fade if placed in direct sunlight (although we can recommend a spray to bring back the colour). For interior use only. The Bun Moss is grown sustainably, harvested and preserved by Verdissimo using a unique process that includes natural dyes and glycerine so that the item maintains its soft texture.