Byzance Rose Heads

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This Rose Head in the Byzance colour is so striking which is emphasised by the quality of the preserved rose head.  Each Rose Head remains soft to touch as it has been preserved with natural ingredients and glycerine. These rose heads are dyed.

Approx 5-6.5cm in diam, stem is approx 1-1.5cm

6 Heads per box

To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to secure.

Queen Size Only   



The colours & sizes may vary according to the season when they are harvested which is unavoidable as these are natural items that are preserved.  These Byzance Rose heads are almost a purple mixed with an injection of pink - a very warming colour.

Our Preserved Rose Heads the best in the market as they still feel like a freshly cut rose with their soft touch.  This is due to the liquid mix used to preserve the roses.  The Glycerine is mixed with some dyes so that the roses hold their colour, this then replaces the plants sap which enables it to maintain its natural feel.  To get the best results the flowers are selected at their peak of their natural blooming state therefore many of the items are only harvested at certain times of the year.

The preserved items that we supply do not require any water and only require a light dusting on occasion therefore all of these items are for interior use only. To prevent premature fading these items should not be placed in direct sunlight and should not be used in area's of high humidity or cold (ideal temperatures of use 5-20 degrees C).  As these are natural items there are no regularities in Size, Weight or Colour.