Cranberry Rose Heads

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Our Cranberry Rose Heads are preserved using a completely natural process, wich means they will last for many months or years.

To use, push florists wire into the stem stub and tape to secure, or use our head holder spikes and hot glue the heads on.

This colour is being withdrawn, so this is the last available stock.



The Queen Rose Heads are in limited supply, their size is between the Super and the Standard heads which would be approx 5-6.5cm in diam.  The stem is approx 1-1.5cm in length which is ideal for wiring or hot glue to secure them into place. The Standard Rose Heads are Columbian which are on the smaller size.  The approx diam is 4.3-5cm across with a stem length of approx 1 cm. Each preserved item still holds its own personality in shape, style, weight and finish as they were live!  Each rose is cut when the head reaches perfection, as soon as it is cut it is placed into a glycerine and dye mix which is then taken through osmosis into the head and petals and replaces the plants natural sap, thus keeping its natural soft touch. The added benefit to using preserved is that the product will last for many months if not years if kept in the advised conditions and with very little maintenance....just a little light dusting every now and then, no watering is required. We advise that preserved items are not placed in direct sunlight as this induces premature fading, they are kept at room temperature and away from areas of high humidity or extreme cold.