King Rose

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The latest addition to our range of beautiful preserved roses. This is the largest rose we have produced at 10cm in diameter. Currently only available in red, it needs no light or water and will last for many months if not years, just like all our preserved products.

Keep out of direct sunlight and areas of high humidity.

One 10cm head per box.

Please see below for more information.

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Please follow the instructions on the box to ensure that the head is not damaged when you remove it. The head is secured into the inner plastic box with a pin through the stem which needs to be removed carefully before the head can be removed. Please do not try to remove the head without taking the pin out first! See image.

All our roses are preserved using glycerine and natural food dyes and will last for many months if not years. The only care required is a gentle dusting.

The King rose is 10cm in diameter, 6.5cm high including a 2cm stem. Please bear in mind that these measurments may vary slightly from head to head.