Ming Fern

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Preserved Ming Fern (Asparagus Retrofractus)is a fantastic foliage to add to Artificial Flower Arrangements and bouquets to add variety, colour and texture.  It has a dark green main stem which branches off in to thinner arms, it can be used as a whole or easily cut down. item for filling in on large displays or adding texture for diverse projects.

Supplied in a bunch 45gr

Approx. 30-50cm tall

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It has a good depth of green which blends well with other foliages like Hedera, Salal or even any of the grasses. As these items are preserved using a glycerine and dye mix which is absorbed into the plant replacing the cell structure it remains soft to touch, which keeps its natural feeling.  Due to the items used in the preservation process we advise that all of our items are kept at room temperature and areas of high humidity or extreme cold are avoided.