Mini Champagne rose heads – Bulk

£258.00 inc. VAT

Less than half price! This is a box of 288 heads of preserved mini champagne rose heads. This is a great opportunity to try our preserved roses out if you haven’t used them before, or just grab a great bargain if you are already familiar with preserved.

Head size: 2.5 – 3.5cm


Our roses are preserved using glycerine and natural food dyes and should be treated just like a fresh rose head - apart from the fact that they now need no water or light and should last for many months or years. All they need is a light dusting every now and then.

These roses have been checked and seem to be in good condition, but we cannot accept any returns if you do not like the colour or if some are slightly below top condition.

Preserved products should not be watered. Please keep out of areas of high humidity and direct sunlight.