Orange Rose Petals – 1 Litre

£10.31 inc. VAT

Bright Orange Petals are removed by hand from the Preserved Standard Rose Heads to create biodegradable confetti. Due to the strong colour of these petals we advise that they are to be kept dry as if they become damp or wet they may cause staining.

Price Per Litre

Approx petal Size 4.5cmH x 5cmW

100% Biodegradable


Our Petals are a natural biodegradable items, they have been preserved using a mixture of glycerine and dye which means that they still feel soft to touch....just as if they have been removed from a rose.  Which is opposite to other freeze dried petals,  plus our petals will remain in the same state for many months if not years as long as they are kept at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.