Moss – Flat

£21.60£93.80 inc. VAT

Preserved flat moss is completely natural, just like all our other products. It’s supplied as a flat sheet of moss in various shapes and sizes.  Use on moss walls, as a base/top dressing to plant or flower displays. Combines well with our bun or reindeer mosses.

Select weight required.

0.5kg bags covers roughly 0.5 square metre

2.5kg bulk box covers approx 2 – 2.5 square metres.

10 + bulk boxes = 10% discount.

30+ bulk boxes = 20% discount.  



The moss, just like our others, can be glued or pinned into place. Please keep out of the cold, areas of high humidity and direct sunlight. Our unique preservation process means that it will remain soft to the touch and green without needing light or water.