Red Rose Petals – 1 Litre

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Our Red Rose Petals are a natural items so each petal is individual in shape, size and colour.  The colour of the Red Rose petals are a bright Romantic Red which really stands out and creates a fantastic impact as throwing confetti, scattering on tables or down isles or even use on the wedding cake.

The preserved rose petals are completly different to freeze dried which are dry and crispy, the preserved petals still feel soft to touch due to the preserving process which uses glycerine and a dye which secures the colour.  Please note that this shade holds more dye than the softer colours so if it becomes damp or wet it may leach some colour which may cause some staining.

As these petals have been preserved they will last for many months if not years if kept at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. 

The Rose Petals are removed by hand from our standard rose heads (size of a petal is roughly 4.5cm H x 5cm W).

They are supplied in litre quantity