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The Preserved White Rose Heads are strong clean crisp colour which really stands out. They a natural product so they are all unique in shape and size. The Preserving process uses 100% natural ingredients, Glycerine and dye, to colour the petals.  No water is required.  To use, insert a florists wire into the stem stub and secure with tape. 

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  • Supers 6.5-7.5cm (Set of 4 Heads)
  • Queens 5-6.5cm (Set of 6 Heads)
  • Standards 4.5-5.5cm (Set of 6 Heads)
  • Minis 2.5-3.5cm (12 heads)
  • Princess 1.5-2cm (16 heads)
  • Mini Bulk (288 heads)
  • Media 4.5-5cm (Set of 8 Heads)

The Super Rose Heads are supplied as a box of 4 heads, they have a head diam of approx 6.5-7.5cm across and have a short stem of approx 1cm long for you to wire or hot glue into place.

The Queen Rose Heads are in limted supply, their size is between the Super and the Standard heads which would be approx 5-6.5cm in diam.  The stem is approx 1-1.5cm in length which is ideal for wiring or hot glue to secure them into place.

The Standard Rose Heads are Columbian which are on the smaller size.  The approx diam is 4.3-5cm accross with a stem length of approx 1 cm.

The Mini Rose Heads are ideal for filling in, they have a face diam of approx 2.5-3.5cm with a short stem of approx 1cm in length.

The roses are preserved with a Glycerine and dye mix, this replaces the plants sap through osmosis which keeps the natural feel to the roses.  In addition to this the flowers are selected at their peak of their natural blooming state so that we can provide you with the highest quality preserved products for your displays.

Once you have created your display all you need to do on occasion is lightly dust to keep looking fresh.  We do advise to prevent premature fading these items should not be placed in direct sunlight and should not be used in area's of high humidity or cold (ideal temperatures of use 5-20 degrees C). 

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